A "feral" cat is unsocialized and tends to be fearful of people and keep a distance. Ferals are most often found living outdoors in groups known as colonies. The cats in a colony share a common food source and territory and may include not only ferals, but also strays - former pet cats who were recently lost or abandoned and are still tame. Most feral colonies originate from unneutered stray cats. Ferals, as well as strays, are increasingly referred to as "community cats" or "free-roaming cats."

Apply for Feral Vouchers

Only two vouchers will be issued at a time.

How many vouchers are you requesting at this time?

Please confirm that you understand that you are responsible for trapping, transporting, recovery (if required) and release of the cat(s).

  • Pawsitive Direction will gladly issue vouchers to colony managers, however, trapping, transporting, recovery, and release is your responsibility. 

  • The voucher will cover the cost of sterilization and a rabies vaccine.

  • Once you have received your voucher from Pawsitive Direction, you will call the Columbia Humane Society at (803) 783-1267 to discuss scheduling.

  • You must present your voucher to the clinic tech at the time of check in. A picture of the cats in their traps must be emailed to pawsitivedirection2014@gmail.com.

  • Feral cats must be in humane traps with only one cat per trap, and you must also bring separate clean, hard plastic carriers for them.

  • Feral cats require appointments and may be brought in between 8:00 am-8:30 am, Monday-Friday. Individuals bringing in feral cats prior to 8:00 am may be subject to a wait.

  • Feral cats may be required to stay overnight at the discretion of the veterinarian on staff.